Marketing and emotion meet here. 


We help companies develop marketing campaigns that connect, raise awareness and sell products and services. From SEO and social media to email marketing and traditional advertising, we're experts at developing the right message and delivering it through the right channels.


Website Design


Your website is the hub of your business. It should be dynamic, engaging and easy to use. We'll design a website that not only reflects YOU, but  is also SEO and Mobile Optimized, easily integrates with your blog, social media, online stores and much more, creating a simple, seamless web experience. 

Brand Development


What makes your company unique? We'll help you establish your brand identity and tell your story across all forms communications. Using creative content and eye-catching design, we'll attract the right kind of audience for your products and services and make a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Business & Marketing Development

Take action. Give yourself and your business every opportunity to succeed. With Skondasana, you'll explore the fullest potential through goal setting, brand visioning, marketing development, creative exploration and more. 


Build your online presence

With mobile optimized websites, online stores, digital downloads, eCourses and more. 

Expand Your Reach

Discover SMARTtools for harnessing the power of Social Media to engage your target market and increase sales. 



Create compelling campaigns that inspire your clients to action. Build brand awareness, connection and revenue.

Pique their interest

Constantly explore new, exciting offerings for your clients. Keep them curious about what's coming up next.

Clients & Projects


People are HUNGRY for inspiration. You are the source of that inspiration. We help you share it with the world.

Skondasana, LLC works closely with clients to manifest their dreams. Creating a successful business is within your reach and we're here to help. 

Jennifer Skondin, owner,  has worked one-on-one with yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, hair stylists, urban farmers, sustainable food producers and more. She has served as in-house marketing directors for major yoga studios and yoga festivals.

She is a certified yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of training. She has taught at multiple studios and for the Sacramento Ballet. 

About Jennifer "Skondasana" Skondin

Jennifer Skondin, has 15 years of experience specializing in marketing, communications and PR. In 2008 she re-discovered yoga and turned her attention and energy to teaching yoga and helping yoga studios and teachers find success through marketing and outreach.

She has worked with more than a dozen yoga teachers and studios. She has served on the board of directors for a yoga non-profit, worked as marketing director for several multi-location yoga centers, has worked one-on-one coaching various yoga studio owners and teachers, has produced yoga festivals, and more.  She also works with personal trainers, Pilates teachers, fitness centers, health food companies, urban farms, and salons and day spas.

She loves to take her work on the road, with computer in tow and clients connected via Skype, she often finds herself working next to the ocean, whether it's the coast of Carmel, CA or the white sand beaches of Indonesia.

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