Brand Basics by Skondasana - Define Your Brand


What makes your company unique? Do you know your brand? I'm not just talking about your logo and colors. What does your business stand for? Why do you offer what you do. How do your clients experience you and your business? 

Branding is about attracting the clients who are right for your business and giving them a meaningful, valuable experience . In order to know how to attract them, you must first know with whom you'd like to work. Creating a brand before you get clear and specific about whom you serve will muddle your message and create confusion. Learn more about defining your audience in Brand Basics - 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brand.

Brand Evaluation   |   Brand Design   |   Graphic Design   |   Website Design

Whether you have an existing brand or are starting from scratch, this 4-week Brand Development program is an excellent way to get clear on who you are, what you offer, and why it is important. During this program you will:

  • Conduct a Brand Evaluation
  • Brainstorm Growth & Goals
  • Hone in Your Mission Statement
  • Clarify Your Ideal Client
  • Define the 'Look + Feel' of Your Brand
  • Create a Clear Visual Direction
  • Design Your Brand Style Guide
  • Discover Free, Easy to Use Design Resources

Brand DESIGN Workbook: $9.99

Download and print just the BRAND DESIGN WORKBOOK.

Brand Design $199+

Work with a professional business coach and brand designer to develop or refine your own unique brand. This program includes weekly coaching calls, homework assignments, feedback, recommendations, and professional design advice.